Immunoglobulin total light chains, urine

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Immunoglobulin total light chains, urine-7873

Immunoglobulin total light chains, urine
Immunoglobulin light chains
Kappa light chains
Kappa/lambda light chains
Lambda light chains
Urine light chains
  • Monitoring patients whose urine demonstrates large M-spikes
  • Confirming the quantitation of specimens that show M-spikes by electrophoresis
  • Detecting urine monoclonal proteins and identification of specimens that need urine protein electrophoresis
Urine, 24 hr
10 mL
  1. Temperature controls must occur within 4 hours of completion of collection.
  2. Record total volume.
  3. Mix well
  4. Transfer a 10.0mL aliquot to a Mayo Screw Cap Transfer Vial (T465)
Urine, random

Screw cap plastic container (non sterile)


Refrigerated (preferred) - 7 days

Ambient (OK) - 72 hours

Frozen (OK) - 20 days

Mayo Clinic Laboratories (TLCU/87934): R-NX
Mo - Sa
1 - 3 days



Kappa total: < 0.9 mg/dL

Lambda total: < 0.7 mg/dL

Kappa/lambda ratio: 0.70 - 6.20

83883 x 2