Influenza A/B PCR

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Influenza A/B PCR-8810


Effective immediately, all influenza testing is suspended due to low prevalence of flu in the community and as our manufacturer has stopped production of flu PCR tests.

This will help conserve limited collection supplies for COVID-19 testing.


Influenza A/B PCR
Flu test
Nasopharyngeal (NP) swab

Xpert NP sample collection kit

Xpert nasal sample collection kit


Obtain Xpert® NP (contains transport medium vial + NP minitip swab)  or Nasal (contains transport medium vial + swab) sample collection kit from AHL 

Nasopharyngeal swab collection (preferred)

  1. Use a minitip swab appropriate for the test ordered
  2. As the minitip swab is removed from the package, bend the wire to the shape of the nasal passage. Maintain sterility of the swab.
  3. Tip patient’s head back and swab through the nostril into the nasopharynx.
    1. If any resistance is met in the passageways, do not force the swab. Try the other nostril.
    2. If the swab cannot be passed through either nostril, it may be bent at a right angle and passed through the mouth to the nasopharynx, taking care to avoid mouth and throat contamination of the swab.
  4. Rotate the swab on the nasopharyngeal membrane to allow the swab to absorb organisms.
  5. Remove the swab carefully and place in the transport medium.
  6. Break the swab at the indicated breake line.
  7. Cap the vial


Nasal swab (acceptable)

Nasal swab collection

  1. Insert a dry swab from the Xpert Nasal Swab Sample Collection Kit for Viruses 1-1.5 cm into a nostril.
  2. Rotate the swab against the inside of the nostril for 3 seconds while applying pressure with a finger to the outside of the nostril.
  3. Repeat on the other nostril with the same swab, using external pressure on the outside of the other nostril.
    1. To avoid specimen contamination, do not touch the swab tip to anything other than the inside of the nostril.
  4. Uncap the tube containing the transport media (from the Xpert Nasal Swab Sample Collection Kit for Viruses - Cepheid catalog #SWAB/F-100).
  5. Place the swab into the tube.
  6. Break swab at the indicated break line.
  7. Cap the tube.

Refrigerated - 72 hours

  • Swabs other than nasopharyngeal (NP) or nasal
  • Swabs not in Xpert Viral Transport Medium
AHL - Microbiology: M
Mo - Su, 24 hr/day
Jan - Dec
Routine - 1 day
Stat - 2.0 hrs after receipt at AHL

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)