RNA Polymerase III IgG Abs

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RNA Polymerase III IgG Abs

Autoantibodies to RNA Polymerase III antigen are found in 11% to 23% of patients with systemic sclerosis. Patients who are positive for RNA Polymerase III antibodies do not have any of the other antibodies typically found in systemic sclerosis patients such as centromere, Scl-70, or Pm/Scl antibodies. Thus, they are a separate serologic group. Numerous studies have shown that these patients have an increased risk of the diffuse cutaneous form of scleroderma, with high likelihood of skin involvement and hypertensive renal disease. Antibodies to several different types of RNA Polymerases are found in patients with systemic sclerosis. The recombinant immunodominant epitope of RNA Polymerase III can be used in ELISA with high specificity to detect RNA Polymerase III antibodies in patients with the diffuse cutaneous form of systemic sclerosis


Gold SST

1.0 mL
0.5 mL



Serum separator (SST) tube


Frozen (preferred)- 1 year

Refrigerated - 5 days

Ambient - 48 hours



Grossly hemolyzed, lipemic, or icteric specimens

IMMCO Diagnostic Inc (063) via LabCorp (806381): R-LC
1x / week
7 - 14 days

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)


Negative: < 20

Result 63329-7