Calretinin by IHC-12376 - Technical only, 12379 - Technical & interpretation

Test info

Calretinin by IHC
12376 - Technical only, 12379 - Technical & interpretation
  • All IHC stains will include a positive control tissue
  • 100% sensitivity for mesothelial cells and epithelioid mesotheliomas
  • In epithelioid mesotheliomas, the staining pattern is usually strong to moderate.
  • Generally >50% of mesothelial cells react for the marker. Desmoplastic mesotheliomas will show weak to no reactivity with calretinin
  • Is useful in separating epithelioid mesotheliomas from adenocarcinomas particularly when combined with B72.3, CEA, BEREP4 and LeuM1
  • Calretinin has been reported to be 81-90% specific for mesothelial cells. In one study 9/40 lung adenocarcinomas, 15/135 breast cancers, and 2/8 pancreatic adenocarcinomas showed positivity for Calretinin. However, the degree of staining in these tumors was much weaker and fewer cells stained than that observed in mesothelial cells. The above findings further substantiate the need for a panel approach when using this marker
  • Calretinin is positive in most schwannomas (96%); in contrast, rare neurofibromas (7%) stain for calretinin.
  • Other tissue types found to have some degree of reactivity for Calretinin include:
Normal cells Tumors
Eccrine glands Granular cell tumors
Convoluted tubules of the kidney Lipoma, liposarcoma
Leydig and Sertoli cells Synovial sarcoma
Epithelium of the Rete testis Adenocarcinoma of lung
Proliferative & secretory phase endometrium Invasive duct CA of the breast
Mast cells Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Ovarian surface epithelium & stromal cells Adenoid cystic carcinoma
Thecal cells Mixed germ cell tumor
The epithelium of rete ovary Serous, mucinous
Hilus glands of the ovary Adenocarcinomas of the ovary
Epithelial cells of the adrenal cortex Granulosa cell tumors
Keratinizing epithelial cells of the thymus  
Adipocytes, peripheral neurons & nerve fibers  




Submit a formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue block


Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue block


FFPE tissue section mounted on a charged, unstained slide


Ambient (preferred)

  • Unlabeled/mislabeled block
  • Insufficient tissue
  • Slides broken beyond repair


AHL - Immunohistochemistry
Mo - Fr
1 - 2 days

Immunohistochemical staining and microscopic examination

Clinical and Interpretive info


If requested, an interpretive report will be provided



  • Calretinin is a 29KD calcium binding protein

Staining pattern

  • Both cytoplasmic and nuclear staining


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  2. ACTA Cytol 1997; 41(6):1757-1761.
  3. Fine S W et al: Immunohistochemical Staining for Calretinin is useful for differentiating Schwannomas from neurofibromas. Am J Clin Pathol 2004; 122: 552-559.


88342 - 1st stain
88341 - each additional stain