Cervical/vaginal ThinPrep® - screening

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Cervical/vaginal ThinPrepĀ® - screening

Patients should refrain from using over-the-counter lubricants and vaginal medications 48 hours prior to the collection of any Pap sample.

Cervical/vaginal cells

The cervical specimen must be obtained under direct vision after introduction of the speculum. Use of lubricants is not recommended when collecting a specimen. If lubricant must be used, it should be carbomer free and applied aparingly on the outer portion of the speculum.

Lubricant compatibility list

Additional patient Information Needed:

  • Last menstrual period
  • previous pap
  • pertinent history

Collection instructions



If you have collected a biopsy (cervical, vaginal, cervical polyp, etc.) and a ThinPrep® pap specimen on a patient on the same day, in order to facilitate correlation of the results of ThinPrep® pap tests and biopsy specimens, the ThinPrep® specimen should be submitted in a STAT Biohazard specimen bag to allow prioritization of the pap test.


ThinPrep® Vial

  • GYN Cytology request

Ambient - 6 weeks

30 days
  • Unlabeled ThinPrep® vial
  • Leaking specimen if label has been rendered unreadable
AHL - Cytology: Y
Mo - Fr
9 business days

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