Cytopathology Laboratory

Director: Jack Shelton, MD
Technical Advisor: Wendy Turner, CT(ASCP)

Cytology is the branch of biology dealing with the study of the formation, structure, function and pathology of cells.

The Allina Health Cytopathology Laboratory is a full service, cutting edge laboratory offering ThinPrep® Pap tests using the ThinPrep® Imager, as well as Non-Gynecologic specimen evaluation and cytology/cervical biopsy correlations. The lab is staffed with nineteen full time employees including twelve certified cytotechnologists.

Our pathology partner is Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA). HPA has a dedicated group of local pathologists who focus on cervical cytology and gynecologic specimens. Three of the pathologists have subspecialty board certification in cytopathology.

For more information about our services, contact us at (612) 863-4668 or (800) 281-4379

Fine needle aspiration (FNA)

How to Schedule an FNA Procedure

FNA Sample Request with Completion Instructions

Cytology slide labeling procedure

Common Questions & Answers about Fine Needle Aspiration


GYN Cytology (Pap Test)

ThinPrep Collection Instructions

Optimizing Thin Prep Pap Specimen Adequacy

Unsatisfactory Thin Prep Pap Results and Lubricant Usage for Collection

How to Submit a Thin Prep Pap for Correlation to Biopsy

GYN (Pap) requisition instructions

Pap QA report key


Non-GYN Cytology

Non-Gynecologic Cytology Request Form & Instructions