Bags/shipping kits

Courier transport bag
Item Name: Courier transport bag

Courier transport bag

FedEx shipping kit
Item Name: FedEx shipping kit

FedEx shipping Kit

Specimen bag (biohazard) - frozen
Item Name: Specimen bag (biohazard) - frozen

Frozen biohazard


This product is currently on manufacturer backorder. The expected date of release is 07/21/2021.

Specimen bag (biohazard) - routine
Item Name: Specimen bag (biohazard) - routine

Routine biohazard

Specimen bag (biohazard) - routine XL
Item Name: Specimen bag (biohazard) - routine XL

12"x15" Biohazard specimen bags

Specimen bag (biohazard) - STAT
Item Name: Specimen bag (biohazard) - STAT

STAT biohazard

Therapak shipper
Item Name: Therapak shipper

Insulated Canadian Therapak Shipper