Misc Microbiology

Item Name: CLOtest


GasPak anaerobic pouch system
Item Name: GasPak anaerobic pouch system

BD GasPak™ EZ Anaerobe Pouch System for transport of 1-4 plates.

Label - Grp B strep susceptibility testing
Item Name: Label - Grp B strep susceptibility testing

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Pinworm paddle
Item Name: Pinworm paddle

17x100 mm Pinworm paddle

Saline vial/tube (sterile)
Item Name: Saline vial/tube (sterile)

BBL™ Saline tube, Normal, containing 1 mL

Scabies/mite exam kit
Item Name: Scabies/mite exam kit

Scabies/mite exam kit

Contains: Pipette, Mineral Oil, slide in Screw Cap Falcon tube for transport, and procedure.