A.C.T. I culture transport and sterile swab

A.C.T. I culture transport and sterile swab

Thermo Scientific™ Remel A.C.T. I is an aerobic, facultative, and anaerobic culture transport with semi-solid, non-nutritive medium in a 216 x 125 mm tube designed for fluid specimens or swabs when swab collection is appropriate.

Anaerobic culture (6554/87075.0) (non-tissue, non-fluid)


  1. After collecting the specimen, remove the A.C.T. I cap and quickly insert the swab deep into the agar
  2. Break the swab shaft evenly with the lip of the tube
  3. Replace the cap and quickly tighten to minimize exposure to air
  4. Label with patient name and 2nd unique identifier
  5. Store at room temperature and transport ot hte labortory for processing

Product deterioration:

This product should not be used if:

  1. There is evidence of contamination
  2. More than 3mm of the medium is oxidized (pink or lavender color)
  3. The expiration date has passed
  4. The agar is broken
  5. There are other signs of deterioration


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