BRAF V600 mutation analysis

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BRAF V600 mutation analysis-12365

BRAF V600 mutation analysis
v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B1
  • Identification of melanoma patients eligible for Vemurafenib treatment
  • Diagnostic, prognostic and possible therapeutic information for other types of tumors such as lung, colon, thyroid and brain


Tumor specimen

Specimen should be formalin-fixed prior to embedding in paraffin.


Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue block


Molecular Medicare billing request

Hospital clients submitting a request for this assay on an outpatient with Medicare should complete and submit a Molecular Medical billing request form along with the sample.

  • Complete and submit the form to notify us of the need for Allina Health Laboratory to bill insurance for Molecular testing performed
  • All information requested is required in order for your request to be completed


  • Samples fixed by means other than formalin fixation, such as B+, will not be accepted.
  • Decalcified bone specimens will not be accepted as this process degrades DNA.
AHL - Molecular Diagnostics: D
Varies (weekly)
5 - 7 days

Cobas 4800 BRAF V600 Mutation Test (IVD, Roche)


An interpretative report will be included


Detection of a point mutation most commonly resulting in a V to E change at codon 600.

This test may require preauthorization from the insurance provider. Check the payer guidelines and, if needed, obtain the pre-authorization prior to sample collection.