Serotonin release assay (SRA)

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Serotonin release assay (SRA)-994

Serotonin release assay (SRA)
Functional HIT assay
Heparin-dependent platelet antibody

Confirmatory assay used in the evaluation of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT).

1.0 mL
0.5 mL
Note: This volume does not allow for repeat testing

Spin, separate and freeze.




Room temperature specimen received; grossly hemolyzed, icteric, and lipemic samples

LabCorp Burlington (150018): R-NX
Mo - Fr
2 - 4 days

The SRA employs washed donor platelets and detects their activation by measuring the release of endogenous serotonin induced by addition of patient serum. The serotonin levels are measured by a highly sensitive liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectroscopy method. Therapeutic levels of heparin included in the assay mix allow for the formation of PF4/heparin complexes on the donor platelet surface to provide an antigen target for the HIT antibodies. The specificity of the assay is increased by assessing the inhibition of platelet activation by adding heparin in excess, thus proving the heparin dependency of the serotonin release.


An interpretive report will be provided

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