Ehrlichia antibody panel

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Ehrlichia antibody panel-13540

July 6, 2022

LabCorp has announced that they are currently experiencing a testing and reporting delay for this assay.


Ehrlichia antibody panel
Anaplasma phagocytophila
Ehrlichia Ab panel
Ehrlichiosis (granulocytic and monocytic) profile
  • Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgG titer
  • Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgM titer
  • Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis, IgG and IgM
  • Human monocytic ehrlichiosis, IgG and IgM

Detection and semiquantitation of human serum IgG and IgM class antibodies to human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE) and human monocytic ehrlichiosis (HME) as an aid in the diagnosis of ehrlichiosis

0.6 mL
0.3 mL

Immediately following collection, thoroughly mix sample by gently inverting 5 times

  1. Allow sample to clot for a minimum of 30 minutes
  2. Spin within two (2) hours of sample collection

Gold serum separator (SST) tube

  1. Allow sample to clot
  2. Spin
  3. Transfer serum to a Transfer vial/tube with cap - 12mL (LabCorp), labelled as serum, within two (2) hours of sample collection 

Refrigerated (preferred) - 5 days

Frozen (OK)

  • Bacterial contamination
  • Hemolysis
  • Lipemia
LabCorp Burlington (164722): R-LC
Mo - Fr
2 - 4 days

Indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA)


IgG titer: Neg <1:64
IgM titer: Neg <1:20

86666 x 4
Result; HGE IgM Titer: 23878-2;HGE IgG Titer: 23877-4;E. chaffeensis (HME) IgG Titer: 47405-6;E. chaffeensis (HME) IgM Titer: 48850-2