Pathology tissue exam, general

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Pathology tissue exam, general-6292

Pathology tissue exam, general
Pathology Gross & Microscopic exam
Path tissue
Tissue exam
Tissue specimen


1. After excision, place specimen into a container containing 10% neutral buffered formalin.

Note: The specimen should be placed immediately in 10% neutral buffered formalin unless a frozen specimen is needed

2.  Properly label specimen container and completely fill out the request form or answer all Excellian order questions.

Handling of breast specimens for pathologic examination

Requisition requirements

Manual request forms (all) or Excellian Supplemental Form (FNA, Breast and Path Consult only)

  •   Label with two unique identifiers:  Patient’s full name and date of birth
  •   List the specimen source and anatomic site (i.e. Mole, Left forearm)
  •   Use A, B, C, etc. with multiple specimens from the same patient
  •   Excellian Sites: Order and collect the Path Tissue Exam test and complete all ask on order questions.

Specimen container requirements

  • Label with two unique identifiers:  Patient’s full name and date of birth
  • Label the jar; not the lid
  •  Label each jar with the letter (A, B, C) and specimen source and anatomic  site to exactly match the description on the requisition
  • Verify that all information on the requisition exactly matches the specimen jar labeling to prevent a delay in specimen processing.




Ambient - 24 hours (optimal)


  • Unlabeled specimen container
  • Leaking specimen container if label has been rendered unreadable
  • Specimen not in fixative
  • Slide broken beyond repair
AHL - Histology: A
Mo - Fr
24 - 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays

Microscopic evaluation


An interpretive report will be included