Prostate specific antigen by IHC

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Prostate specific antigen by IHC-12376 - Technical only, 12379 - Technical & Interpretation

Prostate specific antigen by IHC
12376 - Technical only, 12379 - Technical & Interpretation
  • PSA is expressed by >99% of prostatic carcinomas (although poorly differentiated prostatic carcinomas may express this antigen weakly and/or focally)
  • PSA is a very durable antigen, even with prolonged formalin fixation
  • In vast majority of cases, prostatic acid phosphatase is not needed with PSA. However, we use prostatic acid phosphatase in weakly suspiciously PSA positive or PSA negative tumors in which prostatic origin is strongly suspected.

Submit processed tissue block or tissue section mounted on a charged, unstained slide


Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue block


Ambient (preferred)

  • Unlabeled/mislabeled block
  • Insufficient tissue
  • Slides broken beyond repair
AHL - Immunohistochemistry
Mo - Fr
1 - 2 days

Immunohistochemical staining and microscopic examination


If requested, an interpretive report will be provided.


All IHC stains will include a positive control tissue


  • PSA is a glycoprotein found in normal and neoplastic secretory and ductal prostatic epithelium

Staining pattern:

  • Cytoplasmic based staining.

88342 - 1 st stain
88341 - each additional stain