Body fluid culture, stain, aerobic

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Body fluid culture, stain, aerobic-6558

Body fluid culture, stain, aerobic
Body fluid:
Pleural, peritoneal, pericardial, synovial, thoracentesis, empyema, paracentesis, joint, amniotic, ascitic, bile or other normally sterile body fluids

Sterile vial/container



As much as is available

For pericardial, pleural and synovial fluids and for peritoneal fluid from chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients:

In addition to submitting a specimen in a sterile container for direct culture plates and gram stain, if there is sufficient quantity, inoculate excess specimen into Bactec blood culture bottles for improved detection of organisms.

  • 0.5 - 4 mL: Peds Plus/F
  • 4.1 - 9 mL: Plus Aerobic/F
  • 9.1 - 20 mL: divide evenly between Plus Aerobic/F and Lytic Anaerobic/F.

Sterile container


Source/specimen type


Ambient - 24 hours

  • Improper label (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Time delay between time of collection and receipt of specimen
  • Improper transport container
  • Improper transport temperature
  • Inappropriate specimen type
  • Leaking container
AHL - Microbiology: M
5 days

Culture & stain


Identification, susceptibilities and serogrouping will be performed on all microbiology isolates considered by the laboratory to be significant.

Additional CPT codes:
87186 - Sensitivities (if appropriate)
87077 - ID (if appropriate)
This list may not be all inclusive if there is the need to send the ID or sensitivities out to a referral laboratory