Epilepsy autoimmune evaluation, serum

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Epilepsy autoimmune evaluation, serum-12692

Epilepsy autoimmune evaluation, serum
ACh Receptor (Muscle) Binding Ab
AChR Ganglionic Ab
Amphiphysin Ab
  • AMPA-R Ab CBA, S
  • Amphiphysin Ab, S
  • Anti-Glial Nuclear Ab, Type 1
  • Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 1
  • Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 2
  • Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 3
  • CRMP-5-IgG, S
  • DPPX Ab IFA, S
  • Epilepsy, Interpretation, S
  • GABA-B-R Ab CBA, S
  • GAD65 Ab Assay, S
  • LGI1-IgG CBA, S
  • mGluR1 Ab IFA, S
  • NMDA-R Ab CBA, S
  • Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab Type 2
  • Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab Type Tr
Investigating new onset cryptogenic epilepsy with incomplete seizure control and duration of less than 2 years

Investigating new onset cryptogenic epilepsy plus 1 or more of the following accompaniments:
-Psychiatric accompaniments (psychosis, hallucinations)
-Movement disorder (myoclonus, tremor, dyskinesias)
-Cognitive impairment/encephalopathy
-Autoimmune stigmata (personal history or family history or signs of diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder, vitiligo, premature graying of hair, myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, idiopathic adrenocortical insufficiency), or multiple sclerosis
-History of cancer
       -Smoking history (20+ pack years) or other cancer risk factors
-Investigating seizures occurring within the context of a subacute multifocal neurological disorder without obvious cause, especially in a patient with past or family history of cancer
-A rising autoantibody titer in a previously seropositive patient suggests cancer recurrence
  • For optimal antibody detection, specimen collection is recommended prior to initiation of immunosuppressant medication
  • This test should not be requested in patients who have recently received radioisotopes, therapeutically or diagnostically, becuase of potential assay interference. The specific waiting period before specimen collection will depend on the isotope administered, the dose given and the clearance rate in the individual patient. Specimens will be screened for radioactivity prior to analysis. Radioactive specimens received at MCL will be held 1 week and assayed at that time if sufficiently decayed, or canceled if radioactivity remains.
  • Patient should have no general anesthetic or muscle-relaxant drugs in the previous 24 hours
4.0 mL
2.5 mL

Spin and separate


Spin and separate


Refrigerated (preferred) - 28 days

Frozen - 28 days

Ambient - 72 hours

Mayo Clinic Laboratories (EPS2): R
10 - 13 days

Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA), Live Cell Assay (LCA), Cell binding assay (CBA), Western blot (WB), and Immunoprecipitin Assay (IPA)

86255 x 16

Additional CPT codes (if appropriate):
83519 x 2
84182 x 7
86255 x 4
86256 x 6