TEG with platelet inhibition/mapping

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TEG with platelet inhibition/mapping
Platelet mapping
Sodium citrate (Na cit) whole blood -AND- Sodium heparin (Na hep) whole blood
3.0 mL Sodium citrate (Na cit) whole blood and 4.0 mL Sodium heparin (Na hep) whole blood

Specimen must be collected between 7:00am and 11:00am Mo - Fr.

Prior to specimen collection the following needs to occur by lab:

  1. Contact U of M special coag department (612-273-4797) to validate that they can accept the sample for testing.
  2. Coordinate collection time with phlebotomy and nursing station.
  3. Contact the courier to be on-site at the time of specimen collection. (specimen won't be collected until the courier is on site)

Specimen testing must be performed within 2 hours of collection.


Lt blue Sodium citrate (NaCit) and Dk green Sodium heparin (Na hep), no gel


Ambient - 2 hours

Specimens cannot be sent via pneumatic tube system (PTS)

M Health Fairview Reference Laboratories (TGPIA): R-NX
Mo - Fr 7am - 12pm
3 hours



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