Acid fast stain

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Acid fast stain-6551

Acid fast stain
  • For detection of Acid Fast Bacilli (TB): 

Due to the insensitivity of the test, requests for AFB Stain only (AFS/6551) are not recommended and require Pathologist approval with the following exception:

If a patient has recent positive AFB smears or recent cultures positive with Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, physician requests for AFB Stain only do not need Pathologist approval.

  • For detection Cyclospora from stool or Cryptosporidium from non-stool specimens

For AFB (TB) collect sputum in sterile container

Stool for Cyclospora, or non-stool sources (duodenal drainage, bile, or pulmonary source) for Cryptosporidium

For Cyclospora: collect stool in EcoFix.

For Cryptosporidium (non-stool source): Duodenal drainage, bile, or pulmonary sources in EcoFix


Place stool for Cyclospora or non-stool specimen for Cryptosporidium in Ecofix preservative vial within 1 hour of sample collection.


Stool for Cyclospora and Non-stool source for Cryptosporidium (Duodenal drainage, bile, or pulmonary source):  EcoFix


For AFB (TB):

Refrigerated - 7 days

Ambient - 7 days 

For Cyclospora or Cryptosporidium (Stool, duodenal drainage, bile, or pulmonary sources in Ecofix):


  • Improper label (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Time delay between time of collection and receipt of specimen
  • Inappropriate timing of collection
  • Improper transport container
  • Improper transport temperature
  • Interfering substances
  • Inappropriate specimen type
  • Expectorated sputum with oropharyngeal contamination
  • Leaking container
  • Overfilled Ecofix vial
AHL - Microbiology: M
Mo - Sa