Respiratory disease allergen profile

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Respiratory disease allergen profile-12450

Respiratory disease allergen profile
Respiratory allergen panel
  • Total IgE
  • Alternaria alternata (M6) IgE
  • Aspergillus fumigatus (M3) IgE
  • Birch (T3) IgE
  • Cat dander (E1) IgE
  • Cladosporium herbarum (M2) IgE
  • Cockroach (I6) IgE
  • Common ragweed (W1) IgE
  • D. Farinae (D2) IgE
  • D. Pteronyssinus (D1) IgE
  • Dog dander (E5) IgE
  • Elm (T8) IgE
  • Maple (Box elder) (T1) IgE
  • Orchard grass (G3) IgE
  • Red Top (Bent) grass (G9) IgE
  • Rough marsh elder (W16) IgE
  • White oak (T7) IgE

Intended for diagnostic use as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of IgE mediated allergic disorders in conjunction with other clinical findings.

2.0 mL
1.0 mL

For more than one allergen, use this formula to calculate the amount of serum required:

50 µL X (# of allergens) + 250 µL = total amount serum needed




Gold serum separator (SST) tube

Lithium heparin (Li hep) plasma
EDTA plasma (acceptable, but not preferred)

Lt green (PST) - Spin

Red/Lavender - Spin and separate


Lt green plasma separator (PST)

False bottom plasma/serum transport vial/tube (AHL)


Ambient (preferred) - 3 days

Refrigerated - 7 days

Frozen (OK)

  • Improper labels (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Hemolysis (some procedures)
  • Improper anticoagulant or ratio
  • Delay in transport
  • Improper storage temperature affecting results
  • Improper container
  • Leaking container resulting in compromised specimen
  • Quantity not sufficient (QNS)
AHL - Immunology: I-L
Mo - Fr
1 - 3 days

Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay (FEIA)


< 0.35 kU/L 

86003 x16