Thromboelastograph, Cardiac

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Thromboelastograph, Cardiac-8961

Thromboelastograph, Cardiac

This testing is intended to be used to provide a rapid qualitative and quantitative indication of the coagulation state of a cardiovascular surgery or actively bleeding patient. The clot firmness changes in a sample of citrated whole blood as the sample clots, retracts and lyses in real time. The analyzer output consists of a qualitative graphical representation (mirrored coagulation curve – clot firmness over time) and several defined numeric parameters describing the curve quantitatively.

Note:  For total artificial heart indications (ANW only), a separate sendout protocol must be arranged with the laboratory.  Refer to TEG with heparinase, TEG with platelet inhibition/mapping, or TEG without heparinase).


For inpatients ONLY at Allina Health ANW, Mercy or United Hospitals

Sodium citrate (Na cit) whole blood
The Lt blue Sodium citrate (NaCit) tubes contain 0.3 mL sodium citrate and draw 2.7 ml of blood. Total volume must be 3.0 mL ± 0.3 mL
All Coagulation tubes must be filled to the frosted indicator line or minimum fill line
  •  All Coagulation tubes must be filled to the frosted indicator line or minimum fill line
  • Tubes for ROTEM testing and Routine coagulation cannot be interchanged

Lt blue Sodium citrate (NaCit) - 2.7mL


Ambient - 4 hours (2 hours if patient is on Heparin)

Specimen MUST be walked down to the laboratory

  • Incorrect volume
  • Exceed standard testing time, delay in transport
  • Incorrectly labeled or mislabeled
  • Clotted
AHL - Coagulation: W
ANW, Mercy and United Hospitals
Daily, 24/7