Fine needle aspiration

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Fine needle aspiration-6301C

Fine needle aspiration
  1. After specimen is aspirated, place a small drop onto a glass slide labeled in pencil with patient's name, date of birth and source. Use a second clean slide to gently spread the drop to make a smear.
  2. Air dried, unstained, and Diff-Quick slides need to be dry, and labed as such before placing into slide carrier for transport. 
  3. If there is a clinical concern for Lymphoma:
    • Place one aspiration into RPMI (or one core into RPMI if available).
    • If procedure allows place 1-2 core biopsies into Formalin.
    • If procedure allows place 1-2 core biopsies into B+ fixative.
  4. If thyroid aspirate collect one FNA pass from each nodule for potential molecular testing.
    • Place one FNA pass directly into an FNAprotect tube.
    • Rinse the needle in the FNAprotect solution.
    • Cap the FNAprotect tube and invert 3 times.
    • Label each FNAprotect tube with the patient name, date of birth (DOB) and the lesion site
      • Pinch patient label around tube to create a flag.
      • Make flag by adhering sticky sides together.
  5. Place any remaining specimen into a clean, dry capped tube or tube of CytoLyt™ labeled with two patient identifiers and source.
  6. Repeat above steps until lesion is adequately sampled.
  7. On the FNA request indicate site(s), the number of air-dried, unstained, and Diff-Quick slides for each site, and if additional fluid is submitted.
  8. Aspirations taken from different sites (e.g. Left and Right Thyroid) should be clearly labeled on smears/containers, and indicated on the requisition.

 FNA Sample Request with Completion Instructions


Submit entire specimen



Slide holder - 5 specimen

Additional specimen: 

CytoLyt™ for cytology/FNA specimens - 50mL, B-Plus fixative, RPMI with Hepes/Pen strep/FBS -15 mL, FNAprotect collection vial/tube or Formalin vial - 15 mL


  • FNA Cytology Request


  • Unlabeled or mislabeled specimen
  • Unlabeled slide in a labeled slide container
  • Leaking specimen if label has been rendered unreadable
  • Slide broken beyond repair
AHL - Cytology: A
Within 48 hours of receipt

Microscopic examination


An interpretive report will be provided