Poxvirus molecular detection

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Poxvirus molecular detection
Monkey pox
Preliminary screening for Orthopoxvirus at MDH.
Specimens that test positive on screening will be forwarded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Monkeypox confirmatory testing.

The diagnosis of Monkeypox

Swab of lesion

Dacron-tipped sterile swab with plastic shaft x2

Polyester-tipped sterile swab with plastic shaft x2


Consultation with MDH is required prior to specimen submission. (651) 201-5414 or (877) 676-5414


Collect multiple specimens.

  1. Vigorously swab or brush lesion with two separate sterile dry polyester or Dacron swabs
  2. Place each swab in a Falcon vial/tube - 15 mL and break off end of applicator. Do not add or store in viral or universal transport media.

Refrigerate within 1 hour of collection


Swab in a Falcon vial/tube - 15 mL (no media) x2


Refrigerated - 7 days

Frozen - 1 month

Ambient - NO


  • Collected using an eSwab, bacterial swab with gel or media
  • Swab in UTM.
2 weeks

Real-time polymerase chain reaction


Consultation is with MDH is required prior to specimen submission. (651) 201-5414 or (877) 676-5414.

The rash associated with monkeypox involves vesicles or pustules that are deep-seated, firm or hard, and well-circumscribed; the lesions may umbilicate or become confluent and progress over time to scabs. Presenting symptoms typically include fever, chills, the distinctive rash, or new lymphadenopathy; however, onset of perianal or genital lesions in the absence of subjective fever has been reported.