EGFR mutation analysis

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EGFR mutation analysis-12366

EGFR mutation analysis
Epidermal growth factor receptor

Analysis of the EGFR gene to identify NSCLC patients who may be eligible for TKI therapies. This assay detects mutations in the EGFR gene that confer TKI sensitivity and TKI resistance.

Tumor tissue

Submit a formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block


FFPE tissue block


Molecular Medicare billing request

Hospital clients submitting a request for this assay on an outpatient with Medicare should complete and submit a Molecular Medical billing request form along with the sample.

  • Complete and submit the form to notify us of the need for Allina Health Laboratory to bill insurance for Molecular testing performed
  • All information requested is required in order for your request to be completed


  • Samples fixed by other means, such as B+, will not be accepted.
  • Decalcified bone specimens will not be accepted as this process degrades DNA.
  • Improper label (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Wrong container (anticoagulant or solution)
  • Delay in transport
  • Improper storage
  • Inappropriate timing of collection
  • Interfering substances
  • Slides broken beyond repair
AHL - Molecular Diagnostics: D
Varies; weekly
5 - 7 days

Cobas EGFR Mutation Test v2 (IVD, Roche)


An interpretive report will be provided