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CU index-994

CU index
Autoimmune chronic urticaria
Chronic urticaria
IgE receptor Ab
UC functional anti-FceR auto antibody
Patients with a chronic form of urticaria who are positive (> 10) with the CU index® have an autoimmune basis for their disease. A positive result does not indicate which autoantibody (anti-IgE, anti-FceRI or anti-FceRII) is present.
  • Patients taking calcineurin inhibitors should stop medication 72 hours prior to draw
  • Patients taking prednisone should be off their medication for 2 weeks prior to draw
1.5 mL

Spin within 2 hours of collection


Gold serum separator (SST) tube


Spin and separate within 2 hours of collection


Ambient (preferred) - 1 week

Frozen - 1 year

Viracor Eurofins (2103) via LabCorp (820022): R-NX
Mo, We, Fr
6 - 9 days

Ex Vivo Challenge, Cell Culture and Histamine analysis


An interpretive report will be provided

Result 55141-6