Urine cytology - reflex to FISH

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Urine cytology - reflex to FISH-6301A

Urine cytology - reflex to FISH
Urine Non Gyn
Urine FISH testing will be performed at an additional charge if the provider orders reflex FISH testing and the cytology results are atypical as determined by the Pathologist
Urine, random


  • Do not collect first morning void.
  • Try to collect specimen within four (4) hours of consuming liquid
  • Collect in sterile labeled container
  1. Submit entire specimen.
  2. Containers must be labeled with two unique patient identifiers; unlabeled specimens will be rejected
  3. If multiple specimens are collected, the source must be indicated on each label
  4. Indicate: Cytology ONLY, Reflex FISH if Cytology is Abnormal or Cytology and FISH
  5. Include pertinent clinical history/previous malignancy

If transport will be delayed more then 24 hours add cytolyt at a 3:1 urine to Cytolyt ratio.

Note: Specimens with CytoLyt added are not acceptable for microbiology testing.


Screw cap plastic container (sterile)

Bladder, renal pelvis, ureter or urethral fluids or washings

Sterile container

  • Manual request clients must submit a Non-GYN Cytology request

Refrigerated - 24 hours

  • Unlabeled or mislabeled specimen
  • Unlabeled slide in a labeled slide container
  • Leaking specimen if label has been rendered unreadable
  • Slide broken beyond repair
AHL - Cytology: A
1 - 2 days

Microscopic examination


An interpretive report will be provided

88377 - FISH (reflex if appropriate)