Alpha-gal meat allergy panel

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Alpha-gal meat allergy panel-994

Alpha-gal meat allergy panel
  • Galactose-alpha-1,3 galactose (Alpha-Gal)
  • IgE, Beef (Bos spp)
  • IgE, Pork (Sus spp)
  • IgE, Lamb/Mutton (Ovis spp)

Measurement of IgE to galactose alpha-1,3-galactose (α-Gal sIgE) is used in the differential diagnosis of α-Gal mediated allergy. There are two distinct forms of this allergy: the first is an immediate-onset anaphylaxis observed following intravenous infusion of Cetuximab, a monoclonal antibody against epidermal growth factor receptor, and the second is a delayed-onset allergy or anaphylaxis that occurs several hours following consumption of red meat. Bites from certain ticks, such as the Lone Star Tick in the United States, have been implicated in the development α-Gal allergy. Furthermore, α-Gal may be helpful in elucidating the allergen responsible in patients initially diagnosed as having ‘idiopathic’ anaphylaxis or urticaria.

0.5 mL

Immediatley following collection, mix sample by inverting 5 times

  1. Allow sample to clot for a minimum of 30 minutes
  2. Spin within two (2) hours of sample collection

Gold serum separator (SST) tube

  1. Allow sample to clot
  2. Spin
  3. Transfer serum to a Transfer vial/tube with cap - 12mL (LabCorp), labelled as serum, within two (2) hours of sample collection

Ambient (preferred) - 14 days

Refrigerated - 14 days

Frozen - 3 months

Freeze/thaw cycles - stable x3


LabCorp (650003): R-NX
5 days

ImmunoCAP® , Solid phase Immunoassay


An interpretive report will be provided

86003 x 3
Result 6039-2