Organic acid analysis, urine

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Organic acid analysis, urine

The diagnosis and monitoring of patients with inborn errors of organic acid metabolism, inborn errors of amino acid metabolism, urea cycle defects, and defects of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Urine, random
10 mL
3.0 mL



Screw cap plastic container (non sterile)


Frozen (strict) - 12 months

Patients with biochemical abnormalities undergo various treatments. For this reason, it is crucial that all urine specimens for organic acid analysis, regardless of volume and specimen storage, be forwarded to Lab Corp Burlington. Do not reject any of these specimens. Any samples found to be unsuitable will be rejected and commented in Burlington.

  • Urine too dilute
  • Quantity not sufficient for analysis (QNS)
LabCorp Burlington (716720): R-LC
Mo, Fr
4 - 7 days

Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)


An interpretive report will be provided

Result 49287-6