BasoFunction HRT Sulfamethoxazole

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BasoFunction HRT Sulfamethoxazole-994

BasoFunction HRT Sulfamethoxazole
BasoFunction Histamine Release Test - Sulfamethoxazole

Viracor will add a Baso Activation Test (fMLP)*, test number 827289, to each specimen as a baseline test


The BasoFunction test may be useful with patients who have a suggestive history of adverse reactions to the indicated allergen and for whom skin testing is not appropriate or available.

  • Patients taking calcineurin inhibitors should stop their medication 72 hours prior to draw.
  • Patients taking prednisone should stop medication for 2 weeks prior to draw.
Sodium heparin (Na Hep) whole blood
10 mL
8 mL
  • Specimen must arrive at Viracor IBT within 48 hours of collection
  • Draw Mo - We only

Dk green Sodium heparin (Na hep), no gel



Ambient (preferred)

  • Lithium heparin specimens
Viracor Eurofins (501356) via LabCorp (827356): R-NX
3 - 5 days

Histamine ELISA


An interpretive report will be provided

86343 x 2