Fungus/Pneumocystis stain

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Fungus/Pneumocystis stain-6301

Fungus/Pneumocystis stain
Organism eval for: Aspergillus, Candida, GMS, PCP, P. carinii, jirovecii, yeast
PAS stain
Periodic acid-Schiff stain
Pneumocystis DFA
Silver stain

The following specimen types should not be submitted for Fungal/Pneumocystis stain:

Skin, Hair, Nails:

  • See KOH prep – skin, hair, nails (4348) or Fungus culture, skin, hair, nails (888)


  • See KOH prep, other sources (6524) or Fungus culture, other sources (6579)


  • Submit in formalin and order a Path tissue exam. PAS stain can be performed in Histology on skin and nails.

Vaginal, Oral/Mouth:

  • See KOH Prep, Other Sources (6524) or Fungus Culture, Other Sources (6579)

Sterile container

Body Fluid:
  • Place specimen into a labeled sterile container
Bronchial/Esophageal brushing:
  • If cultures are ordered: place brush in labeled capped tube containing sterile saline
  • If no cultures are ordered, place brush into a labeled tube of CytoLyt
Bronchial washing/BAL (Bronchoalveolar lavage):
  • Collect specimen into a labeled sterile mucus trap
Purulent material:
  • Place specimen into a labeled sterile container or use culture swab
  • Indicate source
  • Collect the first early morning deep cough specimen since bronchial secretions have pooled overnight
  • The patient should be instructed to rinse out the mouth with water only and then raise material from lungs by coughing as deeply as possible
  • Cough into sterile labeled container
    o If no cultures are ordered, have patient cough directly into a container of labeled Cytolyt

Submit entire specimen


Submit per specimen type and collection instructions






  • Unlabeled or mislabeled specimen
  • Unlabeled slide in a labeled slide container
  • Leaking specimen if label has been rendered unreadable
  • Slide broken beyond repair
AHL - Cytology: A
1 day

Microscopic examination


No organism or Hyphae identified

Smear: 88160 and 88312
Fluid: 88122 and 88312