Galactose-1-phosphate in RBCs

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Galactose-1-phosphate in RBCs-994

Galactose-1-phosphate in RBCs
Galactose 1
Galactose 1 Phosphate
Galactosemia Analyte
Galactosemia Metabolite(s)
GALT Analyte

Use to monitor treatment, response, and compliance with dietary restriction for patients with an established diagnosis of galactosemia

EDTA whole blood
5.0 mL
2.0 mL
  • Immediately following collection, mix sample thoroughly by gentle inverting 8 - 10 times to prevent clotting
  • Place tube on wet ice immediately after collection
  • Do not freeze

Lavender (EDTA), 4mL

Heparin whole blood
Washed, packed red blood cells (EDTA or heparin)

Dk green heparin (Li or Na), no gel



Washed, packed RBC's: 3.0 (minimum 0.6) mL

Washed, packed RBC's:

  1. Centrifuge whole blood immediately for 10 minutes
  2. Discard the plasma and buffy coat layers
  3. Add cold 0.9 percent saline solution to the red blood cells (about 2 times the volume of cells) and mix gently by inverting the tube
  4. Centrifuge for 10 minutes
  5. Aspirate and discard the supernatant
  6. Repeat the wash (steps 3 through 5) 2 more times
  7. After the third wash and centrifugation, remove the supernatant and a thin layer of the top cells
  8. Transfer washed cells to a Screw-cap polypropylene frozen transport vial/tube - 4mL (LabCorp) labeled as washed cells and freeze
  9. Include an ORDER COMMENT stating the specimen is washed, packed red blood cells.

Whole blood:

Dk green heparin (Li or Na), no gel

Washed, packed RBC's:

Screw-cap polypropylene frozen transport vial/tube - 4mL (LabCorp)


Whole blood:

Refrigerated - 72 hours

Ambient - NO

Frozen - NO

Packed RBC (alternative):




  • Whole blood received at room temperature or frozen are unacceptable
  • RBC’s received at room temperature or refrigerated
ARUP (0081296) via LabCorp (806520): R-NX
2 - 9 days

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)


Galactose-1-phosphate:   0.0-1.0 mg/dL

Galactose-1-phosphate:   0-53 µg/g Hb

Galactose-1-phosphate:  0.00-0.20 µmol/g Hb