Ganglioside (Asialo-GM1) antibodies, IgG/IgM

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Ganglioside (Asialo-GM1) antibodies, IgG/IgM-14561

Ganglioside (Asialo-GM1) antibodies, IgG/IgM
Anti-GM antibodies
Asialo-GM1 antibodies, IgG/IgM
Asialo-GM1, GM1, GD1b, GQ1b IgG and IgM
Ganglioside antibodies
Ganglioside Abs IgG and IgM
GM1, GM2, GD1a, GD1b, GQ1b IgG/IgM
  • Asialo-GM1 antibodies, IgG/IgM
  • GM1 antibodies, IgG/IgM
  • GM2 antibodies, IgG/IgM
  • GD1a antibodies, IgG/IgM
  • GD1b antibodies, IgG/IgM
  • GQ1b antibodies, IgG/IgM

May be useful in the comprehensive evaluation of patients with autoimmune neuropathies. Test by itself is not diagnostic and should be used in conjunction with other clinical parameters to confirm disease.

0.8 mL
0.6 mL

Immediately following collection, thoroughly mix sample by gently inverting 5 times

  1. Allow sample to clot for a minimum of 30 minutes
  2. Spin within two (2) hours of sample collection
  3. Transfer serum to a Screw-cap polypropylene frozen transport vial/tube - 4mL (LabCorp), labelled as serum
  4. Freeze

Frozen (preferred) – 1 year

Refrigerated – 2 weeks

Ambient - 48 hours


  • Hemolyzed,
  • Severe icterus
  • Lipemia
ARUP Laboratories Inc (0051033) via LabCorp (830700): R-NX
Mo, We, Fr
2 - 4 days

Semi-Quantitative Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay


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