Oxygen dissociation, P50

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Oxygen dissociation, P50-994

Due to instrument issues at Mayo Clinic Laboratories, this test is non-orderable. There are no recommended alternative tests and there is no estimate on when it will be available again.


Oxygen dissociation, P50
Hemoglobin oxygen affinity
Hemoglobin oxygen dissociation Curve
O2 Affinity
Oxygen Dissociation P50, Erythrocytes
Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation

Identifying hemoglobin variants associated with polycythemia or cyanotic and hypoxic disorders.

Sodium heparin (Na hep) whole blood
5.0 mL
1.0 mL
  1. Draw 5.0 mL Na Heparin (Dk Green tube without gel) from patient and at the same time draw 5.0 mL Na Heparin (Dk Green tube without gel) from unrelated, non-smoking individual as the control
  2. Immediately following collection, mix sample by inverting 5 - 10 times to prevent clotting.
  1. Do not open and do not spin
  2. Label tubes - Patient and Control
  3. Rubber-band the patient specimen and control vial together.
  4. Refrigerate immediately after draw/labeling.



Dk green Sodium heparin (Na hep), no gel

  • Patient's age 
  • Patient's sex 


Patient sample and control specimen must be received by Mayo within 72 hours of collection

Mayo Clinic Laboratories (P50B): R-NX
1 - 3 days

Hemox-Analyzer measures and plots O2 saturation


< 12 months of age: not established

≥ 12 months: 24 - 30 mmHg