Toxoplasma gondii DNA detection, ocular/vitreous fluid

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Toxoplasma gondii DNA detection, ocular/vitreous fluid-994

Toxoplasma gondii DNA detection, ocular/vitreous fluid
Toxoplasma gondii DNA detection, eye fluid
Ocular/vitreous fluid, undiluted
1.0 mL

To avoid unnecessary aliquoting/transferring of sample to minimize volume loss, low-volume samples ocular specimens can be left in a properly packaged syringe.

  • Remove all sharps
  • Place a screw-on cap at end of syringe and secure cap by wrapping with Parafilm
  • Leave an airspace in the syringe to accommodate expansion upon freezing
  • Stabilize the plunger by wrapping with Parafilm (no adhesive tape)
    • Do not place pressure on the plunger
  • Place the parafilm secured syringe in a sealable specimen bag
  • Freeze samples for PCR testing within two hours of collection

Syringe (1mL)


Syringe - ocular fluid (1 mL)

  • Needle removed
  • Securely capped to prevent inadvertent plunging during transport and resulting loss of specimen

For specimens submitted by Phillips Eye (PEA) only:

  • U of Washington request form
    • The following items are required:
      • Patient name
      • Patient DOB
      • Ordering physician
      • Ordering physician phone number
      • Specimen source
      • Date and time collected
      • ICD/Diagnosis

Frozen (preferred)

Ambient – 2 hours

Refrigerated - NO

  • Diluted sample
U of Washington (TOXPCR): R-NX
Mo - Fr
4 days

DNA extraction, nucleic acid purification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sequencing


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All charges for this test will be billed back to the requesting site