Factor VIII antigen

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Factor VIII antigen-994

Factor VIII antigen
Factor 8 Ag
Factor 8 antigen
FVIII quantitation (non-functional)

Quantitate the amount of factor VIII protein; not a measure of von Willebrand factor antigen (previously called FVIII-related antigen)

Sodium citrate (Na cit) plasma
2.0 mL
1.0 mL
  • Do not over or under fill tube as the ratio of anticoagulant to whole blood is critical

Coag – tube fill guidelines

  • Immediatley following collection, mix sample thoroughly by gentle inverting 8 - 10 times, to prevent clotting
  1. Centrifuge for 10 minutes and carefully remove 2/3 of the plasma using a plastic transfer pipette, being careful not to disturb the cells.
  2. Deliver to a plastic transport tube, cap, and recentifuge for 10 minutes.
  3. Use a second plastic pipette to remove plasma, staying clear of the platelets at the bottom of the tube.
  4. Transfer the plasma into a Screw-cap polypropylene frozen transport vial/tube - 4mL (LabCorp), labelled as Na cit plasma
  5. Freeze immediately.


Frozen (-20) - 1 month
Frozen (-70) - 6 months
Three (3) freeze/thaw cycles are acceptable
Refrigerated - 8 hours
Ambient - 4 hours
LabCorp Burlington (500196): R-NX
3 - 7 days

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)


50 - 160%

Result 38521-1