HemoQuant, stool

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HemoQuant, stool-2102

HemoQuant, stool
Blood, feces
Fecal blood
Occult blood, feces
Stool for blood
Stool, Hemoquant
  • Detection of blood in feces
  • HemoQuant is the most appropriate fecal occult blood test to use in the evaluation of iron deficiency
  • Other useful applications include the detection of bleeding as a complication of anticoagulant therapy and other medication regimens

Patient should not have red meat or aspirin for three (3) days prior to collection

Stool, random
1 g
1 g

Submit entire specimen


Screw capped tube from HemoQuant Collection Kit


The actual date of specimen collection must be noted on request form


Refrigerated (preferred) - 7 days

Ambient - 7 days

Frozen (OK)

14 days
Mayo Clinic Laboratories (HQ/9220): R-MM
Mo - Sa 2pm
1 - 2 days

Fluorescence Quantitation

≤ 2.0 mg total hemoglobin/g feces

2.0-3.0 mg total hemoglobin/g feces
2.0-4.0 mg total hemoglobin/g feces*

>3.0 mg total hemoglobin/g feces
>4.0 mg total hemoglobin/g feces*

* Alternative reference values for persons who have ingested red meat or aspirin during any of the 3 days preceding specimen collection.

Elevated levels are an indicator of the presence of blood in the feces, either from benign or malignant causes.

This test is not specific for bowel cancer.  

Heme from ingested red meat will increase HemoQuant test values. Patients should be advised to avoid eating red meat for 3 days before collecting specimens. Fish and poultry may be substituted.
The elevated porphyrins of intoxication porphyria, erythrocyt