Mycoplasma profile, NAA, urine

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Mycoplasma profile, NAA, urine
Genital Mycoplasma profile, NAA, urine
Mycoplasma profile, PCR, urine

Detect Mycoplasma genitalium, Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma spp

Urine, 1st AM void
20 - 30 mL
2 mL
  1. The patient should not have urinated for at least one hour prior to specimen collection.
  2. Female patients should not cleanse the labial area prior to providing the specimen.
  3. Direct patient to provide a first-catch urine (approximately 20 mL to 30 mL of the initial urine stream) into a urine collection cup free of any preservatives.
    1. Collection of larger volumes of urine may result in specimen dilution that may reduce test sensitivity; lesser volumes may not adequately rinse organisms into the specimen.

Add urine to the Aptima Urine specimen collection kit (LabCorp) until the level is between the two black lines on the device (about 2 mL).


Ambient (preferred) - 30 days

Refrigerated - 30 days


Specimen with incorrect patient identification;Unlabeled specimen;Inappropriate specimen transport conditions;Specimens received after prolonged delay (usually >72 hours);Specimen leaked in transit;Specimen in expired transport or incorrect transport device;Specimens with inappropriate source for test requested;Specimen with fixative or additives;APTIMA® urine transport >30 days from collection;APTIMA® urine transport with incorrect specimen volume

LabCorp Burlington (180040): R-LC
6 times per week
3 - 4 days

Nucleic acid amplification (NAA)



87798 x 2
Result 69935-5