Porphyrins, quantitative, 24-hour urine

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Porphyrins, quantitative, 24-hour urine-13486

Porphyrins, quantitative, 24-hour urine
  • Coproporphyrins I
  • Coproporphyrins III
  • Heptacarboxylporphyrins
  • Hexacarboxylporphyrins
  • Pentacarboxylporphyrins
  • Uroporphyrins

Evaluate porphyrias, including those involving deficiencies of enzymes which are needed for heme synthesis and chemical porphyrias.

Urine, 24 hr
1.5 mL
  1. Mix 24 hr collection well
  2. Measure and record total urine volume
  3. Transfer a 2mL (minimum 1.5mL) aliquot into an Amber screw-cap polypropylene frozen transport tube/vial - 4mL (LabCorp)
  4. Label with patient name and 2nd ID, source and total volume.
  5. If amber transport tubes are unavailable, cover transport tube completely, top and bottom, with aluminum foil. Identify specimen with patient's name directly on the amber transport tube AND on the outside of the aluminum foil and secure with tape.
  • Total volume

Protect from light

Refrigerated (preferred)  - 7 days

Frozen  - 14 days

Ambient - NO


  • Stored specimen not refrigerated
  • Specimen exposed to light
  • Acid preservative
  • pH <3
LabCorp Burlington (003194): R-LC
Mo - Fr
8 days

High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorometric detection



Coproporphyrin (CP) I: 0−24 μg/24 hrs
Coproporphyrin (CP) III: 0−74 μg/24 hrs
Heptacarboxylporphyrins (7-CP): 0−4 μg/24 hrs
Hexacarboxylporphyrins (6-CP): 0−1 μg/24 hrs
Pentacarboxylporphyrins (5-CP): 0−4 μg/24 hrs
Uroporphyrins (UP): 0−24 μg/24 hrs
Result 11228-4