Cortisol, ACTH stimulation

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Cortisol, ACTH stimulation-53

Cortisol, ACTH stimulation
ACTH stimulation
1.0 mL
0.5 mL
Order one test for each specimen in the ACTH stimulation; 1.0 mL required for each specimen.
Label each specimen distinctly with time collected.

Protocol when not defined by Physician:
1. The Cortisol Stimulation test should be done in the morning (before 10 AM). An overnight fast is recommended.
2. Order the appropriate order set panel for your patient.
3. Collect a gold top tube (serum) of blood for the baseline. Record the collection time and initials on tube.
4. Obtain 250 mcg Cosyntropin from the pharmacy.
5. The nurse administers the Cosyntropin to the patient I.M. using a tuberculin syringe or IV per Pharmacy instructions.
6. Additional serum specimens (gold top tube) are collected at 30 minutes (if ordered) and 60 minutes (if ordered) after the injection. Record the collection times and initials on the tubes.
7. Specimens without collection times cannot be processed.



Gold serum separator (SST) tube


Lithium heparin (Li hep) plasma
Sodium heparin (Na Hep) plasma
EDTA plasma

Lt green - Spin

Dk green/Lavender - Spin and separate


Lt green plasma separator (PST)

False bottom plasma/serum transport vial/tube (AHL)


Refrigerated (preferred) - 14 days

Frozen - 30 days

  • Improper labels (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Hemolysis (some procedures)
  • Improper anticoagulant or ratio
  • Delay in transport
  • Improper storage temperature affecting results
  • Inappropriate timing of collection
  • Improper container
  • Leaking container resulting in compromised specimen
  • Quantity not sufficient (QNS)
AHL - Chemistry: C
1 day

Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA) and Chemiflex