Hereditary hemochromatosis

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Hereditary hemochromatosis-5638

Hereditary hemochromatosis
C282Y mutation
H63D mutation

Detection of two point mutations in the human HH gene; C to Y amino acid change at position 282 and H to D amino acid change at position 63. These mutations are associated with iron accumulation and subsequent damage to organs.

This is a genetic test and needs only to be performed once in a lifetime.

EDTA whole blood
3.0 mL

Only one (1) tube needs to be drawn for any combination of the following tests:

  • Calreticulin Exon 9 Assay
  • Factor V Leiden Mutation
  • Factor 2 Mutation
  • Hereditary Hemochromatosis
  • JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection
  • MTHFR C677T assay

Questions? Call the Molecular Diagnostics Lab at (612) 863-4475.


Submit sample in original collection tube, unspun


Lavender (EDTA), 4mL

ACD whole blood
Sodium citrate (Na Cit) whole blood

Lt blue Sodium citrate (NaCit)

Yellow ACD (A or B)



Lt blue Sodium citrate (NaCit)

Yellow ACD (A or B)


Molecular Medicare billing request

Hospital clients submitting a request for this assay on an outpatient with Medicare should complete and submit a Molecular Medical billing request form along with the sample.

  • Complete and submit the form to notify us of the need for Allina Health Laboratory to bill insurance for Molecular testing performed
  • All information requested is required in order for your request to be completed

Ambient (preferred) 

Refrigerated - OK

  • Improper label (unlabeled or mislabeled)
  • Wrong container (anticoagulant or solution)
  • Improper blood/anticoagulant ratio
  • Delay in transport
  • Improper storage
  • Inappropriate timing of collection
  • Interfering substances
AHL - Molecular Diagnostics: D
7 days

PCR & RFLP analysis by gel electrophoresis


Homozygous normal

This test may require preauthorization from the insurance provider. Check the payer guidelines and, if needed, obtain the pre-authorization prior to sample collection.