Protein C antigen

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Protein C antigen-994

Protein C antigen
Protein C-Immunological

Confirmation and characterization of protein C deficiency

Sodium citrate (Na cit) plasma
1.0 mL
1.0 mL
  • Blood should be collected in a blue-top tube containing 3.2% buffered sodium citrate.
  • If the patient's hematocrit exceeds 55%, the volume of citrate in the collection tube must be adjusted.
  • Evacuated collection tubes must be filled to completion to ensure a proper blood-to-anticoagulant ratio
  • The sample should be mixed immediately by gentle inversion at least six times to ensure adequate mixing of the anticoagulant with the blood.

Spin, separate and freeze.


Frozen (strict)

  • Gross hemolysis
  • Clotted specimens
  • Specimens thawed in transit
LabCorp Burlington (080465): R-NX
1 - 4 days

Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)


60 − 150 %

Protein C levels tend to be lower in newborns but typically reach adult ranges by six months of age. Levels in some children remain low until 16 years of age

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